Monday, September 28, 2009

Twentieth anniversary of the Toronto Police Dog Services Unit

Thirty-two canine officers and their twenty-nine human handlers recently put on an interesting show for the public as they celebrated their twenty years in business. The Toronto Police Dog Servies Unit started in 1989 and is the largest of its kind in Canada. Canine officers (yes, they are officers of the law, each dog has a numbered badge, and they are true partners to the human men and women to whom they are attached. Police dogs are used to sniff out drugs and explosives, human scents, contraband of various kinds, and firearms. They search for missing people and cadavers, and they are invaluable in apprehending and holding suspects during criminal apprehensions. Mostly German Shepherds are used, but a good nose is a good nose, and the Toronto force has a Golden Retriever, a Lab Cross, a Spaniel cross and several other mixes. These are great dogs and this unit is a great service to our community.

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